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What is concrete leveling?

Concrete leveling is a process that involves raising and leveling sunken concrete slabs to restore their original position. This method is crucial for addressing uneven surfaces, trip hazards, and water drainage issues caused by settling concrete.

Why is it important?

Utilizing professional concrete leveling services is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and safety of your property. Over time, concrete slabs can sink or become uneven due to soil erosion, poor installation, or water damage.

Uneven concrete not only poses a safety hazard but can also lead to further damage to your property if left unaddressed. Professional concrete leveling helps restore the stability and longevity of your concrete surfaces.

Signs You Need Concrete Lifting

If you notice uneven surfaces or gaps forming in your walkways or driveway, it may be a sign that concrete lifting is needed.

  • Doors and windows that are suddenly difficult to open or close
  • Cracks in the walls or ceilings of your home
  • Water pooling near the foundation of your house
  • Sudden tripping hazards on your concrete surfaces

Common Causes of Concrete Settlement and Unevenness

Settlement and unevenness in concrete surfaces often stem from underlying soil issues or changes in moisture levels.

  • Common Causes Include:
  • Poor soil compaction during construction
  • Erosion beneath the concrete slab
  • Plumbing leaks leading to soil erosion
  • Tree roots growing beneath the concrete

These factors can result in an uneven surface, posing safety hazards and affecting the aesthetics of the area.

Benefits of Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling offers a cost-effective solution to address uneven surfaces and restore the functionality and safety of concrete areas.

  • Improved Safety: Eliminates tripping hazards.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Restores the appearance of the concrete surface.
  • Prevents Further Damage: Stops the progression of cracks and unevenness.
  • Quick and Efficient: Saves time compared to replacing the entire concrete slab.

Different Methods of Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling in Pittsburgh can be achieved through various methods, including:

  • Mudjacking
  • Polyurethane foam injection
  • Self-leveling compounds

Each method offers unique advantages and is suitable for different types of concrete leveling projects.

Understanding these techniques can help property owners make informed decisions on the best approach for their specific needs.


Using a technique known as mudjacking, professionals can raise uneven concrete surfaces back to their original level. This method involves pumping a mixture of water, soil, and cement beneath the sunken slab. As the mixture solidifies, it lifts the concrete, addressing the issue of unevenness.

Mudjacking is a cost-effective solution that helps restore the appearance and functionality of concrete surfaces, making them safe and level once again.

Polyurethane Foam Injection

Polyurethane foam injection is a modern method used for leveling concrete surfaces, offering a durable and efficient solution to address uneven areas.

This technique involves injecting polyurethane foam into voids beneath the concrete, which expands to fill the empty spaces, raising and leveling the surface.

It’s a cost-effective and quick solution that minimizes downtime and disruption, making it a popular choice for concrete leveling projects in Pittsburgh.

Self-Leveling Compounds

For concrete leveling projects in Pittsburgh, self-leveling compounds offer an effective solution that provides a smooth and even surface. These compounds are liquid-based materials that can be poured onto uneven concrete floors and automatically level themselves.

They’re designed to quickly set and dry, creating a durable and level surface ideal for various flooring applications. Self-leveling compounds are great for addressing minor imperfections and achieving a professional finish.

Tips for Maintaining Level Concrete Surfaces

To maintain level concrete surfaces, it’s essential to regularly inspect for any signs of cracking or sinking.

  • Keep the surface clean and free from debris
  • Fill in any cracks promptly to prevent further damage
  • Monitor the surrounding drainage to prevent water accumulation
  • Avoid heavy machinery or equipment that could cause stress on the concrete

Risks of Uneven Concrete

Uneven concrete poses several risks that can impact the safety and aesthetics of a property. Cracked and sunken concrete can lead to trip hazards, water pooling, and structural damage if left unaddressed. To prevent these issues, it’s crucial to seek professional concrete leveling services promptly.

  • Trip hazards for individuals
  • Water pooling causing slippery surfaces
  • Potential for further structural damage
  • Aesthetically unpleasing surfaces

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Concrete leveling is crucial for maintaining the safety and aesthetics of your property, especially to address the risks associated with uneven concrete surfaces. Uneven concrete can pose tripping hazards, cause water pooling leading to erosion, and impact the overall appearance of your property.

Hiring local concrete leveling professionals ensures a quick and effective solution to these issues, creating a safe and visually appealing environment for you and your guests.

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